Our mission: To serve the warriors, family members and caregivers who battle stigmatized cancers by providing a source of information, support and validation throughout their cancer journey.

52 Shades of Blue was born out of crisis. When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Anal Cancer in February 2010 not only was I diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, I was told I had an even rarer form of metastasis located in my bone. As you can imagine this was completely devastating for both me and my family.

I had an overwhelming desire for any information about my cancer and its available treatments. I was baffled and frustrated when my internet searches turned up little information. It took hours to find anything useable and the few support sites available were not easily found. I was stunned that in the information age that we all live in that this was the best they could do for my cancer.

I soon discovered that anal cancer was not alone. It was clear to me that many rare, stigmatized, and otherwise undesirable cancers were underserved on the internet. I committed myself to changing this. My aim was to organize a web site to offer hope and help for not only anal cancer but any of those that exist “below the belt” and are underserved. All cancer patients deserve easy access to reliable information and much needed support.

52 Shades of Blue is a step in that direction and my dream is that this will become a catalyst for change.

Why name it 52 Shades of Blue you ask? Some reports say the human eye can detect 52 individual shades of blue. We identify all those various shades as “blue” but recognize that they are all distinctive. The blue ribbon color has been designated for many of the cancers represented on this web site. They too are all unique and are entitled to recognition as such.

My objective is to help others and in doing so raise overall awareness so when others see a blue ribbon of any shade they know exactly what it represents. It symbolizes strength, courage and hope! It embodies one voice that declares “We count!”